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Name: Jack Harkness

Age: Don't even get me started. It's up in the hundreds. I'm good for a senior though, right?

Birthday: February 14th, 5001 (really. I'm not kidding)

Marks (scars, birthmarks, piercings, etc.): I have some freckles on my back and a mole that my mother thought was dirt when I was a baby and tried to scrub off. There's a few scars from training for the Time Agency, and a lot from childhood. There's also a burn when I was a five and touched the radiator, and a large scar on my stomach from when I jumped out of the 74th floor where our apartment was when drunk. I think I want a peircing though...


Likes: Sex, guns, bananas (thanks, Doctor), sex again, and I'll do anything for chocolate

Dislikes: Needles and hospitals. Been through one too many things.

Quirks and Habits: Biting my nails and kicking the dirt if I'm nervous. If I'm really aggravated, I'll bite. My computer has a bite mark or two in it.

Sexual Orientation: Give me anything and everything. I've had my way with a few aliens, even.

Sexual History: There's been too many to count. The people who have mattered though are Estelle and Ianto.

Family: Though they aren't born for another three thousand years, my father is named Kolton, my mother's named Charisse. I have a little sister named Rosalia and she means everything to me; I miss her most out of everyone. I have too many cousins to count, my uncle taught me how to act towards people to get sex, and my grandparents are weird.

Friends: There's Ianto, Toshiko, Owen, Gwen, the Doctor, Rose, and Martha's okay. She can hold her own.

Other: Daleks creep me out. They get me angry but they just... They're the only thing that makes my skin crawl.

History: Ever since I was a child, I wanted to get out of the fifty-first century. My dad relied on alcohol to live and he made sure I was home by the state's curfew or he would find me. When things began to get worse, I fell back onto it too. There are more things available in the future than now. Now's just things that burn; in the future, it goes down like water and tastes like fruit but a sip makes you unable to walk. I drank a whole glass a night. It terrified my sister but I couldn't care.

One night, I was with my friends and I got so drunk that I thought I was on the ground floor and wanted to get out of the apartment. With my dad sleeping but his bedroom closest to the door, I decided to use the window. Thankfully we were close to the ground floor, only on the 74th. My mom lucked out with that apartment. A running jump left me with every bone broken but my neck, even though I'd had the fortune to land on a dumpster which cushioned my fall. After I healed, I never touched the bottle again and just focused on protecting Rosalia.

My father died six months later when I was seventeen and I signed up for the first organisation that would accept me. The Time Agency had no active agents, just members. They trained me and I was a guinea pig. Everyone told me to my face I'd die, but Rosalia was proud of me, not knowing. She was but nine and knew no better. I left, completely expecting to die in a wormhole. I found the Doctor and Rose.

I travelled with them and found Nanogenes, aliens, and Daleks. Then I died and through the heart of the Tardis I was brought back. It hurt so bad, worse than death, but I was in shock. I had my travelling device though so I was able to get back thankfully, except I overshot it. I went back to the 1800s and I had to live it all. I never aged, never got hurt, and I volunteered for the first scientific tests. It hurt so bad but it left me with a result: I wasn't completely human. I had to run so I wouldn't be tested on for the rest of my life.

Then I reworked Torchwood from the inside out for years on end, first as a messenger and then climbing up in the rankings. I met the new Doctor and left everything behind to be captured for a whole year by another Time Lord, the Master. Apparently they couldn't feel it, but I could feel them and it kept me alive the entire time, feeling like I never did before. Once I got back to Earth, I decided I wanted to stay with Torchwood. They're one of the only homes I've ever known, and though the Tardis can be one, without Rose it never will be.

Disclaimer: This is just for a RPG. Don't take it seriously.